Haus of God


Self  — Product Designer,
UX Researcher, Branding/Identity

Sabrina Rivera — Copy Editor


Service Design,
Product Building


12 weeks


Figma, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign

Reimagining the nightlife experience

Welcome to Haus of God, a queer nightclub that leverages technology to create a unique experience for nightlife-goers while supporting queer entertainers.


The gay clubs of yesteryear are disappearing, and it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Pop Culture phenomenons RuPaul's Drag Race increased queer visibility but it has also made it more expensive for club owners and performers alike to keep up with what audiences expect from mainstream queer entertainment.


Haus of God is the future of nightlife. It’s the queer nightclub that brings together the best in entertainment and technology to create a truly unique experience for everyone, from the DJs on stage to the queens in the crowd. Haus of God keeps up with today’s trends and offers a flexible, inclusive environment for clubbers that goes hand-in-hand with entertainment.

Who This Serves

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How We’re Doing It


Area of Focus

At the entrance of Haus of God, you get a contactless-enabled wristband that connects to their POS system. Not only do you get early check-in so you can bypass the line, but you also don't have to worry about losing your credit card or cash.

Skip the Line

Contactless Pay Wristbands


Area of Focus

Once inside, you don't have to worry about being stuck in an interminable line for the bathroom, because there are clear and easily accessible signs pointing out which bathrooms have the shortest lines. If you're looking forward to a specific performer, Haus of God will send you push notifications when your favorite artist is on stage, so you don't miss them.

Performance push notification

Stall occupancy indicators


Area of Focus

The performers at Haus of God never have to wait in line for the dressing room—there are plenty of well-lit spaces prepared and ready for them, with chairs and mirrors, so they can prepare for their sets comfortably. A digital dashboard makes it easy for performers to let DJs know when they're ready for their sets and sign in to.

Performer check-in

Brand Identity

The visual identity for Haus of God is inspired by the unique experience offered—one that draws on religious iconography juxtaposed with neon graffiti. The look is post-modern with an urban edge that reflects the drag ballroom scene it is rooted in.

To imagine what the Haus of God experience would look like, various visual assets were created using the brand’s design principles.

Design Principles

Counter Culture

Change is inevitable, so we embrace it. We are inspired by the next transformation in art, in unique points of view, in the changing, evolving cultures that come with the future. As the world evolves, so do we.

Speak Up

Language is fluid, impactful, and too often, stolen. Haus of God will always shepherd, memorialize, and pay homage to the great Ballroom Divinities, as we are created in their image. Accessibility is fundamental, appropriation is not.

Building Community

Haus of God serves all children, no matter their label. Our Haus was built to provide support, knowledge, and opportunities to succeed beyond our four walls.

Walk the Walk

It is only when we have respectful and open dialogue do we truly thrive. Creating an open space for feedback is key to understanding all those who enter our Haus.

Color Pallet



Brokenscript OT Con Bold


SF Pro Bold


Barlow Condensed