Spotify Epic


Self - UX Researcher, Product Designer

Jay Do - Art Direction, Editor


D&AD New Bloods Submission - Spotify


8 weeks


Figma, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, Indesign


Spotify Epics is a social feature that highlights users' personalities and brings the conversation back into Spotify. Epics gives users the power to create and document personalized moments within the app.


Music is personal. Every day, Spotify’s listeners are curating their own playlists, sharing recommendations with friends, or listening to their favorite artists and celebrities’ recommendations. As they do this, users are developing their own public identity as well as discovering others’.

The Problem

Create a feature within Spotify that helps people easily share their content and get people talking about it on their social feeds.

How can Spotify make the listening experience a social experience by enabling people to share the audio that means the most to them? How can they help listeners build a deeper connection with friends and artists?

The Solution

By utilizing Spotify’s two existing features, Canvas and Group Sessions, users will be able to pin personalized messages and/or videos to songs and send it to others. They can also host group listening livestreams that can be saved as Canvases.

Personalized Canvases

How it works

Spotify Epics lets you create a personal canvas by adding messages, videos, or quotes to any song on Spotify. Once pinned, you can save the Epic for yourself or share it with others directly or over social so that everyone can get in on the fun. Whether you're looking to commemorate a special occasion or rekindle some romance, this feature will let you create a personal soundtrack for your life that can be revisited again and again.

Host Live Streams

How it works

You can host group listening live streams where you can connect in real-time and encourage conversations based on shared interests in music. After the live stream ends, it'll be automatically saved as canvases in a playlist for you to revisit in the future. These Epic Lives are personal collections of songs and messages that users create together in the moment.


Spotify Epics gives users the chance to bring their personalities and stories into the app. It's a perfect way for Spotify to grow its relationship with listeners.

Epics' features will increase the amount of social interaction on Spotify, which will help users feel more connected and engaged with the platform. It will also give them a sense of ownership within the app itself and encourage them to put more of their personality into it, allowing listeners to express themselves through music in the most unique and meaningful way possible. Epics' will further brand recognition for Spotify and lead to increased marketing opportunities for artists and creators alike.